April 17th 2018

21st century Nepal and not all is fabulous in this amazingly beautiful country. Some people work hard to give their children a better start in life than they had themselves.

Education is one of the ways to a better future.Private education in Nepal, for some reasons, seems to be favoured by many over State education. 

We have, in the school l work with, a dear little boy. His mother is away working hard in an Arab country for several years, sending money to her husband in Nepal, it is normally the other way round.

Their little boy is safe in the boarding school but the father has not visited him for many months and has not paid the school fees for many months either.... He has found another woman and disappeared with all the money! Untraceable!

Mum was on the phone to the school in tears and worried about her son. Just imagines.... stuck in a strict foreign country for another two years. The little boy spoke to her and told her he was happy at school, that he loved her and missed her and that he was doing good and not to worry about him. He is only 7 years old..... He is the most attentionate little soul, eager to please, but with a much too serious expression on a face of this age.

What can one do to make it feel better?... Today l went shopping to the market town and bought a whole lot of new clothes for the little boy who had been wearing other bigger children's clothes for many months. His face was a picture. It takes very little to make a child happy and proud. ❤

This is real Nepal !

9.30pm .... just realised l loaded my toothbrush with anti-inflammatory gel instead of toothpaste !!!! It has been a long day in beautiful Nepal!

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