February 14th 2018

THE FLIP SIDE OF HAVING A GOOD HEART .... is to be taken in by cheaters and fraudsters asking for your help (invariably financial) when you have little to go by apart from your Trust and a desire to help others.

This post is for all my lovely Friends and supporters of the social work l have been carrying out in Nepal since 1980.
Facebook and Social Media in general, is an amazing platform for human contact and news on a Worldwide scale, but there are down sides to it also.
Never mind "Fake News".... what worries me most is "Fake Friends" working their way into our lives to exploit the generosity and good heart many of you/us have.

There are Online Charity Watch Dogs warning about being contacted by fake victims on social media from many parts of our troubled world, and Nepal is no exception.

Just because a person requesting "Friendship" is listed as a friend/contact of someone you know well, it is not enough to let your guard down.  By all means make friends, accept unsolicited friendships, but be alert.

Too many people claim to have lost everything and are in dire need of immediate help and support. 
Many so-called students or orphans are spending their time hunting and befriending westerners online, collecting donations.
Many are making a great living.

Personally, l get requests to help and send money all the time. The stories may sometimes be real but l find out that most are just from opportunists who know how to handle good hearted folks.

Even at my age and with my 40 years experience in Nepal it happens. The cheaters are getting very creative with official bills from colleges or hospitals.
I recently found out that two 20 years old orphan students, we started to help, already had sponsors from America and Germany. I contacted one of the sponsors who was very upset, but was not able to find out about the others...
This confirmed to us how they could afford mobile phones and the bills that go with them. I was very sad, felt very stupid and almost disillusioned, but we nipped it in the bud, as they say, dropped these cheats and saw it as a lesson.

I will not be deterred and l will carry on with the important social work we do, so that we make a difference where it matters, but these are words of caution to all my lovely friends out there.

By all mean accept "Friendship", even from contacts who list me as theirs, not everyone is a fraud, but when prompted to help especially financially, please ask me first... or better still, join The Alain Rouveure Nepal Fund - a small but perfectly formed UK registered charity working for Nepal with a small team of dedicated and trustworthy friends who vet prospective recipients and make sure the help and support generously given go where they are most needed in the most honest and cost effective way.

Alain Rouveure Nepal Fund

After many years of working on the ground in Nepal, the first and immediate responsibility is still to our Donors who have entrusted us to carry out the work on their behalf and without whom our efforts would be very limited.



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