March 28th 2018

Another day of Exams for our 10 class Students all over beautiful Nepal.

Feeling boosted and confident, Namo Buddha HS School Students had 2 hours to prove themselves.

Meanwhile l walked in peaceful Panauti and explored more of its market and temples. I got my tools with me this time for more physiotherapy work at school - herbal treatment and massage oils, ultrasound machine and my training with Massage and Dorn Technique Therapy.

My first adult patient had a chronic left hip joint misalignment. Deep tissue massage fit for a horse followed by ultrasound seemed to had worked, as he was not limping this morning!

My second patient from class 10 had fallen during a football game several days ago and intense pain had not totally gone.

Got the Dorn Hat on and followed the spine to readjust 2 vertebrae that were out. Deep tissue Herbal massage followed by some ultrasound and the boy was sent to bed. At morning drill and early meditation he told me he had the best night for weeks and the pain was almost gone.

More massage later tonight. This is residue to bruised tissue.

Two more 9 and 10 boys students came with painful finger joint due to playing ball games and another third one had damaged his right foot and big toe.... playing football with flip flops of course... a real classic.

The poor boy was howling during the massage but had to calm down as his friends were laughing at the squealing! He too, was alive and still walking today.

My last patient at 10 pm was one of the teachers suffering for years of upper back pain. I blame part of it to bad posture at the computer desk and obvious tension.

I tenderised the meat with vibration followed by deep tissue massage and finished him off with ultrasound. This morning he was still in discomfort. 

It will take time and repeated efforts but l recommended a well overdue visit to a doctor for other complaints. It may bring some answers to the back pain. 

Never try to play Doctor or Nurses when you are travelling abroad without prior training.I see many tourists giving advice and giving tablets to villagers who never see doctors for geographic as well as financial reasons.

We, visiting foreigners, are known as travelling pharmacies and are free. 

Do not play even if your heart feels touched. If you do, the painkiller should be at least cut in half. 

Expensive antiseptic lotions will not last, so it is better to teach people to boil water, let it cool down a touch and add salt, that they all possess, to use for bathing the wounds or sores regularly. It kills bacteria and dries skin to heal faster.

Old tricks are better than tablets with potential side effects when you have gone.

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