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The "Lost Wax Process” or "Cire Perdue” is an very ancient process used in the production of metal objects.

All the Figures we sell at Alain Rouveure are produced artisanally in the Medieval City of Patan, as unique pieces, like they have been since ancient times.

First, an Artist will design and produce a 3D carving of the figure in hard bees wax. This wax model will be sold to a family run foundry/workshop specialising in a particular subject and style.

The Master at the Foundry will then prepare the delicate wax model and will apply soft clay to encase it, resulting in a substantial ball. This will be carefully dried before being fired like pottery.

The wax will have melted and being poured out of an escape hole at the bottom.

The molten metal (brass, copper or sometimes pure silver) will then be carefully poured into the escape hole to fill the void.

When cool, the pottery shell will be broken to reveal the metal statue, the unique wax model having being lost for ever.

The figure will then be given to Master Carvers and Finishers who will spend weeks filing and carving the metal statue.

Depending on the commission, sometimes they will apply pure Gold or Silver leaf using volatile and dangerous Mercury as a binding agent.


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