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Medicine Buddha is known as BHAISHAJYA-GURU. The colour of his body is usually blue.

GAUTAMA SAKYAMUNI BUDDHA is the historical Buddha born a Hindu in the 6th century BC as Prince Siddhartha in Lumbini, southern Nepal.

He was protected from the world by his father, King Suddhodana of the Sakya clan who had been told when the child was born, that Siddhartha would abandon his royal duties for a life of meditation one day after going out of the palace's gates.

The omen proved true when Siddhartha discovered the suffering in the world.

After long periods of strict meditations and years of abstinence he found the cause of this suffering and attained enlightenment under a tree (the bodhi tree). He then spent the rest of his life travelling, teaching and training his students to spread his words of Compassion thus creating a new philosophy – Buddhism. He died aged 80.

During his lifetime he often called himself the Healer of suffering in the world and explained that his philosophy was the medicine.

Like all divine and precious icons, he is seated on a lotus throne, symbol of purity, confirming his high status. One hand is holding the medicinal plant Myrobalan. It is touching Mother Earth showing us that she is the witness of his wisdom and enlightenment. His other hand holds a bowl with medicinal plants in it. The aura around his body is made up of the "pearls of wisdom" and precious offerings are at his feet.



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