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In the heart of the Himalayas, craftsmen from the Kingdom of Nepal have been producing paper for over a thousand years. No trees are cut down. Traditionally, only the young and tall shoots from the Daphne plant are used. Called "Lokta”, this small tree growing in forests at altitudes of 6500ft and 9500ft is coppiced every 3 years thus protecting the fragile ecological balance of Nepal’s forests. The process of making "Lokta” paper is complicated, labour intensive but it is completely ecological

First he bark is striped with a knife, soaked in water for a long period before being beaten into soft long fibers. (see top photographs). It is then boiled together with soda and continually stirred to produce the paper pulp.

When it is finally ready, small amounts of liquid pulp will be poured into trays that are lined with a fine mesh.

Drained of most of its water, flower petals and herbs can be added as decoration.

The trays will then be left to dry slowly in the sun.

Since we started trading in 1979, all our paper products have been traditionally made from the "Lokta”, including our wrapping papers and bags and even our stationary thus providing a steady income for hill people in northern Nepal.



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