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The earliest known Tibetan religion was ‘Bon’, a form of shamanism, whose adherents studied plants, colour, light and sound for their healing properties. Some people used various instruments to induce contemplative states. One of them was the singing bowl, made from an alloy of gold, silver, copper, tin, lead, iron and zinc or mercury. 

The vibratory quality of the singing bowl, when activated by rubbing a wooden baton around its outer rim, tunes in to and stimulates various centres of energy in our bodies called Chakras (a Sanskrit word for what is known in western medical terms as plexuses).

Each bowl will easily emit perceptible high, medium and low tones.


These cymbals are made of an alloy of seven metals. The Tincha is used during meditation and ritual ceremonies to call up protective spirits and deities and to keep away negativity. The sound created by lightly striking the edges together is clear and carries for a very long time.



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