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The designs of the rugs seen here are some of over 450 traditional Tibetan designs that have been researched and catalogued by Alain Rouveure since 1979. 

These ancient and culturally very valuable rug patterns are being re-edited and reproduced in strictly limited numbers in Nepal by craftsmen and craftswomen working under his patronage.

ALAIN ROUVEURE‘s label is the guarantee that each piece has been personally commissioned and selected for its quality, originality and uniqueness.  It is also a guaranty that each rug has been ethically produced without the use of child labour or that of harmful chemicals.

The superior quality of these rugs has been achieved through skilled craftsmanship and careful selection of natural raw materials and without the recourse to both humanly and environmentally damaging chemical ‘washing’, 'super  washing’ or‘antique washing’ -  techniques employed in the majority of oriental carpet production around the world to subdue often garish and unstable synthetic dyes, soften poor  quality wool and artificially give the rugs a  sheen and patina that would otherwise take years to achieve through natural wear.



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