Alain Rouveure

Alain Rouveure was born in Lyon, France, where he worked in Advertising as a Graphic Designer.

 He moved to London when he was 20 and started a career in Interior Design.

In 1979, during a sabbatical year, he visited Nepal and fell in love with the country and its people.

It was at that time that Alain established lasting relationships with

talented Crafstmen and women of the Himalayas.

“For me, it is impossible to spend as much time with people 

without being involved in their daily life. 

It is all about making a difference where it matters.“ 

Affected by the struggles many of them faced, he made it his mission to promote

their culture by commissioning works of quality and integrity.

No Dangerous Chemicals . No Child Labour . No Looting of Temples

The small inheritance from his Mother, at the right time, was the starting point 

that allowed him to turn his vision into reality.

In 1982, he settled in rural Cotswolds where he renovated a derelict Railway property and turned wasteland into beautiful gardens.

Crossing Cottage is also the home of 9 rescued cats.

Alain later opened his Galleries, where he still sells the traditional Tibetan rugs,

collectable items  and Artefacts he sources himself. 

No Middleman! 

He travels regularly to Nepal where he works six months of the year. 

The profits have always financed essential Social Work in Nepal.  

Alain’s work with disadvantaged children and poor communities in rural areas 

is equally important to him as running his business.

The Alain Rouveure Nepal Fund is a UK registered Charity. 

He recently trained and qualified as a Physiotherapist, enabling him to help and bring 

comfort to children as well as the elderly in Nepal. 

Alain Rouveure’s extensive knowledge of traditional Tibetan Rugs and Weaving Techniques 

has been recognised over the years.

He has given Lectures in Paris, Brussels, Venice, as well as in the UK including the V&A in London.

A documentary about his work in Nepal was made by ITV/Carlton.

He was also presented with the World Aware Award For Fair Trade - Patron HM The Queen.

On 7th October 2000, Mr Phunstog Wangyal, director of TIBET FOUNDATION of Great Britain

- Patron His Holiness The Dalai Lama, presented Alain with the gift of a

sand Mandala of the Buddha of Medicine,

“…in appreciation of his support for Tibetan culture”.

This large sand Mandala, one of only two in existence, had been commissioned by 


It was created and blessed by the monks of Tashi Lhumpo Monastery 

(now in exile in Southern India since the Chinese take-over of Tibet in 1950’s) for the UK visit of

H. H. The Dalai Lama. 

The Mandala was blessed by His Holiness.

It is on permanent display, as you walk in the Galleries.

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