The Healing Sound Centre

A place dedicated to energetic and therapeutic work using vibrations emitted by unique singing bowls and gongs.

In a world increasingly fast and sometimes unsettling, The Healing Sound Centre is establishing itself as a uniquely placed venue for complementary therapy.

From the early 1980's Alain Rouveure was one of the very first importers of singing bowls into the UK. Little known at first, they soon caught the "modern" world by surprise for their subtle yet powerful beneficial effects on our energy centres and well being – physical as well as mental.

The sounds and vibrations produced by the bowls and gongs help us clear energetic blockages. The important regular "re-tuning" with sound helps promote inner balance in our increasingly busy and challenging world. These are powerful opportunities for relaxing, tuning and rebalancing energies. Alain refers to it as "clearing cupboards of old junk that no longer serves us."

The singing bowls and gongs he uses are specifically designed and carefully selected by him for The Healing Sound Centre and the Alain Rouveure Galleries.

Alain offers group session sound healing when he is in England. The sessions are held on Wednesdays from 7pm to 8pm. To ensure a prompt 7pm start, clients are required to be be in their seats at least 10 minutes beforehand to settle energies in the space and to give Alain time for a short introduction before going into the sound meditation. 

The cost is £20 per person per session. Sessions are restricted to 12 people.

Booking in advance is essential.

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We look forward to sharing sound healing journeys with you.

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Todenham, near Moreton-in-Marsh Gloucestershire, GL56 9NU, England

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