A place dedicated to energetic and therapeutic work using vibrations emitted by unique singing bowls and gongs.

In a world increasingly fast and sometimes unsettling, The Healing Sound Centre and the Shangri-La Room are establishing themselves as uniquely placed venues for complementary therapies and workshops offering help and support to many looking for inner peace and growth.

From the early 1980's Alain Rouveure was one of the very first importers of singing bowls into the UK. Little known at first, they soon caught the "modern" world by surprise for their subtle yet powerful beneficial effects on our energy centres and well being – physical as well as mental.

The sounds and vibrations produced by the bowls and gongs help us clear energetic blockages. The important regular "re-tuning" with sound helps promote inner balance in our increasingly busy and challenging world. These are powerful opportunities for relaxing, tuning and rebalancing energies. Alain refers to it as "clearing cupboards of old junk that no longer serves us."

The singing bowls and gongs he uses are specifically designed and carefully selected by him for The Healing Sound Centre and the Alain Rouveure Galleries.

Alain offers "open" group sessions and "one-to-one" sound healing when he is in England. The sessions last I hour.

● "Open" group sessions are held every other Wednesday (see dates below). 

There is an afternoon group session held from 2pm to 3pm and an evening group session from 7pm to 8pm. The cost is £20 per session. Group Sessions with Alain are restricted to a maximum of 14 people at any one time. 

Booking in advance is essential.

If you have not been to previous sound healing sessions with us, please arrive 15 minutes prior to the first session so that Alain can give an introduction before going into the sound meditation.

● Private "one-to-one" session. Diagnostic discussion followed by Sound Therapy. The cost is £55 per session.

To book your space call 01608 650418.

All your details and payment can be taken over the phone. 

We all look forward to sharing sound healing journeys with you.

Sound Healing Sessions 2020  

May 6 and 20
June 3 and 17
July 1, 15 and 29
August 5 and 19
September 2,16 and 23 

£20 per session

Book your space in advance 

(15 people maximum per session) 

One to One session £55

Shangri-la Room 

The calm and nurturing Shangri-La Room is the ideal space for clients to see Therapists and Professionals. Here is a list of people we have known and trusted for many years. Their skills are as varied as our needs.

Please contact these amazing people directly rather than through the Galleries or Healing Sound Centre. I know that everyone will be happy to advise and answer any questions you may have.


Anthea Head (WESA - MAPAI)

01608 642025

A spiritual approach to astrology. Children’s charts, teaching

Fen Shui & Chinese Astrology Master

Tony Holdsworth

 07796 148160

Worldwide consultancy for both homes and businesses

Intuitive Readings

Mary Szymanski
07500 524472 
Bringing clarity and insight

Professional Coach & Wellbeing Specialist

Brigitte Nix

07866 502923

Creating Change Where It Matter

Seer/ Teacher/Goddess

Ann Harnold

07710 144742

" Love IS always the answer"

Spiritual Guidance

Vivienne Little


Holistic healing through touch, sound, light and spiritual guidance

Traditional Tibetan Medicine

Dr Tsetan

Practising Tibetan Medicine in Europe for 23 years using Himalayan plants and minerals

Massage, Reflexology & Aromatherapy

Lois Jane


Holistic therapies to help you let go of stress and find balance

Vibrational Sound Therapy

Alain Rouveure

01608 650418

Sound healing with Singing Bowls     

Get in touch

01608 650418

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Todenham, near Moreton-in-Marsh Gloucestershire, GL56 9NU, England

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